The 2014 World Cup will host 600,000 tourists in Brazil

Ciudad del Fútbol 07 Mayo 2013
It is one of the best shows a country can have, hosting a World Championship also means an economic boost, especially for tourism

There are few sporting events which speed up infrastructures and the economy of the host country.  A couple of days ago FIFA published it's conclusions on the impact the World Cup organisation will have on the country's development. 

If in South Africa the figures were good, with an attendance of 300,000; it's a stat which adds value to the Tourism Minister's prevision, which expect tourism to double, something very differen to when Brazil organised it's first World Cup in 1950

According to the Administration and Finance director of the Brazilian Tourism Insitute. Tufi Michreff Neto, the difference lies on the football fans: " We known that most tourists will be from Latin America, due to geographical reasons and because of the continent's passion for football."

According to the organisation, the cost of the championship is roughly 16 billion dolars, 12, 000 million euros.