An announcement which has gone round the World on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Ciudad del Fútbol 01 Jun 2014
The call up list published on Sefutbol via different social media attracted the attention of the football realm and caught the attention of Twitter's very own CEO who mentioned it on his account

Using up the 140 characters available on one of the most popular social media was not necessary for the 23-man call up for Spain to get round to the farthest corners of the World.

The announcement made at 1pm CET on Saturday 31st May 2014 reached over 20,000 retweets in Spanish managing over 45 million users as potential audience. 

Thousands of journalist, fans, football professionals, technicians or simply curious chose to share the piece of news. From the social media, it's own CEO Dick Costolo highlighted the importance of the message on his own account, where he stated the following: 


Spain is the most followed European National Team on Twitter and the fifth in the entire World, but the repercussion on the rest of social media it was also very successful. On Facebook, for instance, the audience reached a total of three million users, with over 60,000 likes; whereas on Google+ it was the most popular post in the history of the Spanish side and on Instagram it was the most double-clicked image on SeFutbol's wall. 

Spain is the most followed European National Team on Twitter

The official Twitter account of the Spanish National Team, @SeFutbol, as well as its verified accounts on FacebookGoogle + and Instagram have taken an extra step towards our aim of getting fans closer to the Spanish National Team with quick, accurate and continuous information on the national side so that all the followers know what Vicente del Bosque and his men get up to during the World Cup which SeFutbol will cover thanks to a special correspondent team in Brazil, showing history as it takes place.