Iniesta's goal, a memory that lasts a lifetime

Ciudad del Fútbol 28 Ago 2013
Fans are clear about this: Out of all the greatest moments in the history of the Spanish National side, Andres Iniesta's goal stole everyone's heart

That goal by Iniesta against the Netherlands at the 2010 World Cup final is for 87%, of people who voted on the Sefutbol survey, the mest moment in the history of the National Team.

Another 70% believes the mest moment was Iker Casillas's save from Robben during the same match, where Spain became World Champion.

66% of the votes went to Fernando Torres at the final against Germany in Vienna, where the National Team conquered the second European Cup.

The fourth most emblamatic memory corresponds to that Euro, at the hearrt-stopping penalty shootout against Italy. It obtained 61% of the votes. 

The fifth most valuable moment was another penalty shootout, this time against Portugal at the 2012 Euro with 34% of votes.

Following this five stellar momemnts are the 12-1 win over Malta (32%), Kiko's goal at Barcelona '92 Games (15%), Marcelino's goal against the USSR at the 1964 Euro final (9%), Butragueño's four goals against Denmark (6%), Zarra's goal against England in 1950 (3%), the silver medal at the Sydney Games (2%) and the silver medal at Antwerp in 1920 (1%)