MATCH REPORT | Painful defeat against Korea DPR (3-2)

Port Moresby, Papúa Nueva Guinea 24 Nov 2016
Korea DPR beat Spain 3-2 in extra time

The importance of this fixture could hardly be overstated. Spain knew Korea DPR were a tough opponent. That's why Pedro Lopéz set out a strong side.

The Spaniards went after the three points from the very first whistle, but found Korea DPR to be resolute in defence. 

As the game settled Spain started to press, and chances arrived. The Spanish side went close to opening the scoring through Nahikari García. However, it was Hyang Sim who broke the deadlock on 18 minutes with a powerful header following a cross by Jon So Yon.

Ten minutes later, Hyiang Sim doubled Korea's lead. Spain attempted to respond but Korea still looked dangerous.

Nahikari García scored Spain's first goal of the evening in the 38th minute. Seventeen minutes in the second half, though, Spain equalised .Lucía García scored easily from close range and draw the game level.

Pedro López brought on Sandra Hernández, Maite Oroz and Alba Redondo for Mariona Caldentey, Aitana Bonmati and Nahikari García in the hope of pushing for a winner.

Just a minute into the second period, the unthinkable happened -  Kim Phyong made it 3-2.

Pedro López should feel very happy with the way that his side played today.

Korea DPR:
XI| K.MYong Sun, U.Sol Gyong, C.Sol Gyong (C), W.Jong Sim C.Un Hwa, R.Hyang Sim, K.Phong Hwa, J.So Yon, R.Un Yong, J.Hyo Sim, K.So Hyang

COACH: Hwang Hongbong
XI Mariasun Quiñones, María Bores, Andrea Sierra, Carmen Menayo, Bea Beltrán, Patricia Guijarro, Mariona Caldentey (C) (Alba Redondo 99'), Aitana Bonmatí (Maite Oroz 99'), Nahikari García (Sandra Hernández 82'), Lucía García y Andrea Sánchez Falcón (Laura Domínguez)

Coach: Pedro López 
1-0 | 18' | Hyo Sim 
2-0 | 30' |  Hyang Sim 
2-1 | 38' | Nahikari García 
2-2 | 63' | Lucía García 
3-2 | 106' | K. Phyong Hwa
Árbitro: Casey Reibelt (AUS) amonestó a Carmen Menayo y Aitana Bonmatí para España y a So Yon para RPD Corea
Asistentes: Sarah Ho (AUS) y Michelle O'Neill (IRL)
4º árbitro: Silvia Reyes (PER)
Cuartos de final del Mundial Sub-20 Femenino de Papúa Nueva Guinea 
Estadio Nacional de Papúa Nueva Guinea 
31ºC Temperatura
61% Humedad