OFFICIAL: Spain will play two friendlies, against France and Germany, after the World Cup

Ciudad del Fútbol 07 Mayo 2014
The Spanish National Team will play two friendly matches after the Brazil World Cup 2014: against France in Paris on September 4th and against Germany in Vigo on November 18th

Starting in September the Spanish National Team will face the qualifiers for the European Cup of 2016, as current champion. 

In order to face this challenge where they will play Ukraine, Slovakia, Belarus, Macedonia and Luxembourg in the qualifier stages, it will play two friendlies against some of the best national sides of the continent. 

On September 4th Paris will host the duel against France and on November Spain will play Germany on the 18th. 

Besides, the match which will aid the qualifiers for the European Cup 2016 against Belarus which will play in Huelva on November 15th.