Spain lands in Washington D.C. and the World Cup gets closer

Washington D.C. 03 Jun 2014
6109 kilometres separate Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport from the International Airport of Baltimore. It's the distance that the Spanish National Team has travel to reach Washington

The Brazil date is not only geographically closer, but with regards to time too. There are only 10 days left until the National Team reenacts the 2010 final in their debut against the Netherlands in Salvador de Bahia. 
The Iberia flight which has taken them to the North American capital, must have helped them prepare for the World Cup. The IB-E28282 has inaugurated new decoration on the exterior with a vinyl featuring the faces of some fans. Furthermore, the seating was personalized for all the players with their name and number on the headrest, many of them published new posts on social media, showing their followers how the flight was going, given that Iberia had wifi via satellite throughout the flight. 
After a nine hour journey, Washington D.C. welcomed Del Bosque and his players with a nice climate. The team has already settled into the Mandarin Oriental hotel in the capital. 
This is the second time that the Spanish squad visits the country in two years, given that before the Confeds Cup they travelled to Miami and New York. This time round, the players will stay in the States until Saturday 7th June. 
The flight captain said good-bye with a farewell that surprised everyone: "Let''s hope not to see each other until July 14th because we'll come back with the Cup, good luck Champions."