We face Rusia, follow Spain's match on Sefutbol

Norrköping, Sweden 18 Jul 2013
The team led by Nacho Quereda will play their third game in Norrköping

Spain jumps to the field on Thursday, July 18 where from 20:30 hours will face Russia in the struggle for qualifying for the quarterfinals. Do not miss the live match Through our website, where both teams will fight for the points to advance to the next round. You can also follow us on Twitter and discuss plays.

The Women's National Team will meet an old acquaintance, against which they played a friendly match at the beginning of the year in which we won 2-1 in Murcia.

The coach said in the press conference before the game that rivals have also grown a lot, but the technical quality of Spain could create danger: "Our goal when we got to Sweden was go round and we are able to do so" .

Spain has the advantage of being second in the group with three points, behind France who leads with 6 and ahead of England and Russia with a point. The Spanish set is worth a tie with which would take a point, but the girls go all out as midfielder Silvia Meseguer says: "We are aware that we had better draw to qualify, but we can not speculate on that. Should be out for the win from the first minute. "

The players are optimistic, though they do not want trust, like  Alexia Putellas told Sefutbol in an interview: "I see the group with great gusto and great force but Russia is also interested the 3 points and will go everywhere, like us. going to be a tough match because both have options to pass to the quarterfinals, which would be a dream. "

Quereda's girls  have had a very positive experience in the initial phase of campeonata, winning by 3-2 to the English and resisting a favorite, France in a game that was 1-0 in favor of them. Is short for the final encounter of the initial phase and many, like Vicky Losada already have ideas on how to beat Russia: "The key will be the ball, as they suffer running behind the opponent, and not make mistakes because they have players back very dangerous as Morozova or Terekhova ".