4 newcomers to the Spanish squad

Mogosoaia (Rumanía) 05 Mar 2016
Jorge Vilda introduced four newcomers to the squad in the match against Romania. Six players have made their debut with the National Team

Spain's is a lively group and are continuously growing throughout the 2015/16. Before their coming commitments, the Spanish National Team has seen six players debut. And the results prove that the strategy is working: six out of six in Group 2 of the Qualifier Stage for the European Cup, undefeated in friendlies too. 

Against Romania, the first of the two preparation matches in March, three players wore the Spain jersey: Claudia Zornoza, Leila Ouahabi and Andrea Pereira started in that match. Miriam Diéguez also made a return to the team, after a year out. The line-up included footballers Olga García and Alexandra López, who recently joined the squad. 

In the second half, Esther González joined the team, and will recall Mogosoaia as a place where she played for Spain for the first time. 

The young internationals, along with footballers who have stood out with the Spanish squad, with a team that continues to grow ahead of the European Cup in the Netherlands.