94 years later, Amberes' opening ceremony "lives" in the National Team's Museum

Ciudad del Fútbol 15 Ago 2014
The space at the Ciudad del Fútbol recreates the moment when the Spanish team was presented to the world during the Olympics Opening Ceremony

It took place in the Belgium of King Alberto I and during the opening ceremony of the 1920 Olympic Games held in Antwerp. It was the first official tournament for the Spanish National team and the beginning of an exciting story.

It was on August 14, 1920 and more than 94 years later, the National Team's Museum, located in the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas, recreates that moment with images of every little detail through a large screen decorated with modernist touches.

The explanatory panels recreate the genesis of the National team with all the ins and outs of that adventure, detailing how players and coach were chosen , how the cities in the North of Spain got ready and finally how they arrived in Belgian lands.

A document of great value as well as the cards that some of players such as Samitier and Zamora wrote from the National Team's concentration hotel. It was the begining of a team that would become the best in the world a few decades later.