This are the numbers the Women's players will wear at the European Cup

Ciudad del Fútbol 30 Jun 2013
The Spanish Women's National Team will concentrate in the Ciudad del Fútbol in Las Rozas

Ignacio Quereda, the coach, has been working with the team the past few weeks and Friday saw his girls in action in the draw to two against Denmark.

The numbers of the 23 players selected by Quereda to dispute the second European Championship for  Spain are: Ainhoa ​​Tirapu (1), Virginia Torrecilla (2), Leire Landa (3), Mely Nicolau (4), Ruth Garcia (5), Miriam Dieguez (6), Priscilla Borja (7), Sonia Bermúdez (8), Veronica Boquete (9), Adriana Martin (10), Sandra Vilanova (11), Alexia Putellas (12), Lola Gallardo (13) , Vicky Losada (14), Silvia Meseguer (15), Nagore Calderon (16), Eli Ibarra (17), Marta Torrejón (18), Erika Vazquez (19), Irene Paredes (20), Jenni Beautiful (21), Amanda Sampedro (22) and Mariajo Pons (23).

The players have three days off and concentrate again on Tuesday at 17.00. They travel to Sweden on July 9 and debut at Euro against England on day 12 (20.30 hours) in Norrköping. Then play against France (15th, 20:30) and finally with Russia (18th, 20.30) in Linköping, in the group stage.