Football sagas, thoroughbred players

Ciudad del Fútbol 04 Jul 2014
Pepe Reina's debut at the Brazil World Cup has given another example of the inheritance his father gave him, which has been passed through generations

Pepe Reina, 33 international caps, had the chance of making his World Cup debut against Australia. This was, however, something that his father, Miguel Reina capped five times, did not get to do.  They're both great goalkeepers who have coincided with historic keepers: José Ángel Iríbar and Iker Casillas. In fact Reina senior was at the England '66 WC, but could not make his debut because "El Chopo" was ahead of him. 

Another family name is that of the Alonso, Perico Alonso in the 80s and a Xabi Alonso now.Perico got to play 20 matches with the National Team and played the '82 Spain World Cup. His son, Xabi joined the 100s club some time ago (he's played 114 matches) and three World Cups (2006-2010 y 2014) as well as three European Cups (2004-2008 y 2012).

The following family saga includes Thiago Alcántara, international player of the Spanish side, and son of Mazinho who played for Brazil. "In Spain, Thiago has increased and they look after him marvellously. Going to Brazil would be a disadvantage given on the instability of the coaches. He could be called up one day, not the next, nor the rest," commented Mazinho back in 2011. 

In addition to parents and children in the Spanish national team have played brothers as Arieta (Arieta and Arieta II), the Gonzalvo (Gonzalvo II and Gonzalvo III), the Lesmes (Lesmes I and Lesmes II), the Rojo (José Francisco and Jose angel) and López Rekarte (Aitor and Luis María). 

The Gonzalvo played alongside the 1950 World Cup in Brazil where they were holding, the red just agreed a match, the Spain-Turkey in 1973. 

Even the legacy has been passed from uncle to nephew as was the case and I Campanal Campanal II never came to play together. 

So Reina has continued a tradition of family sagas in Spanish football. Tradition has much history and you can have a great future.