De Gea: "I am the first to be surprised, it's a lie and utterly false"

Isla de Ré (Francia) 10 Jun 2016
The Madrid-born goalkeeper held a press conference after recent publications

SURPRISED "I am the first to be shocked by the news. I want to deny any allegations. It's a lie and utterly false." 

STRENGTH: "This gives me greater strength to be with the National Team, with my teammates' support. It's all in my lawyers' hands." 

PUBLICATIONS: "They can publish whatever they want. It's all false. This gives me extra strength." 

CALM: "I am very calm. I looking forward to practice and to continue enjoying what I love most." 

NEWS: "I found out in my room. I told my family. They're calm because they know me." 

FALSE CLAIMS: "I have no idea where this comes from. I know it's false. We have to carry on."