Jorge Vilda: "It's a draw that leads to positive conclusions"

Cartagena (Murcia) 17 Ene 2019
Eidan Rubio
Spain's Head Coach and players point out the positive results from the match against Belgium in Cartagena: "We'll improve certain game aspects"

Assessment: "It's a draw from which we reach positive conclusions. We were more dominant during the first half, although they close up well. We struggled more in the second half and the substitutions brought about freshness to the team. It was a good preparation match." 

Rival: "Belgium is very competitive. They always create tough situations. In general terms the team performed well, although we lacked precision at times. We'll work on those aspects." 

Cartagonova: "I'd like to thank the Cartagena fans and the club for the stadium. It was a perfect setting for the game." 


Goal: "It's a continuous process. I saw Leila's cross well from the other side, it bounced and given the turf was fast you can't control the ball, but have to shoot - which is what I did." 


Group: "I feel very comfortable within the team. We're a close-knit team and trust each other. The older players are key because they're the ones who encourage you to do more." 

Contribution: "You don't need to score in order to feel you've contributed to the squad, although it's always nice. We know what we want and will carry on fighting for that aim." 

Followers: "Wherever we go, we have the support from fans. We appreciate it a great deal because you feel the support when you're on the pitch."