Key dates for the 2018 Russia World Cup

Ciudad del Fútbol 11 Ene 2017
The 32 national sides who will present the 30-man precall-up from which 23 players will be selected for the final team

With a little less than 500 days for the start of the 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup, the official sports entity has approved the dates by which the 32 national teams to qualify will have to unveil the provisional call-up. 

The kick-off match will take place on June 14th 2018. Ten days before, the teams will have to unveil the 23-man call up from the provisional 30 names by May 14th 2018. 

Furthermore, the FIFA Committee summit held on Tuesday in Zurich has established that all the football competitions, with the exception of the UEFA Champions League, will have to be completed by May 20th. FIFA is the only organization authorized to provide exemptions to this rule. 

In other terms, on May 28th 2018 will be the first training camp day for the squads. 

14th May 2018 Deadline for 30-man provisional call up 
20th May 2018 Recommended end date for competitions, except for the UEFA Champions League 
21-27th May 2018 Rest period for the players to be followed by clubs and national football associations 
28th May 2018 1st training camp day for national squads
4th June 2018 Official 23-man call-up for 2018 World Cup final stage
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