MATCH REPORT | Spain defeats Belarus (2-1)

Moscú (Rusia) 02 Jul 2016
Saúl Ramos
The Spanish side has conquered two wins in the two matches played thus far, they are one step closer to the final against Italy

The Spanish National side will stay at the top of the table in this Euro Beach Soccer League Moscow 2016 (Division A – Group 2), following a narrow win over Belarus.

One goal in the first period plus another one in the second, combined with sound defence when things got tighter, had the work done for Alonso’s lads.

Belarus was always close in the score, but they seemed unable to disarm the consistent defensive system by the Spaniards. And when they did, along came Dona to deny them once again. 

Bryshtel fond the way to Dona’s back of the net, thanks to a free kick with still four minutes to go, and that seemed just what Belarus needed to finally attempt the comeback. 

But their reaction seemed always under control by Spain, who resisted the final siege to grasp three more points that, besides getting them closer to Catania, will have them battling Italy for the victory in the group. 

Source: BSWW


Cinco inicial: Dona, Cintas, Antonio, Pajón y Raúl Mérida.
​Suplentes: F. Guisado, Ezequiel, Pablo, Christian y Dris.

Entrenador: Joaquín Alonso
Cinco inicial: Makarevich, Miranovich, Kamzolau, Slautsin y Bryshtel
​Suplentes: Bokach, Samsonov, Kavaleu, Savich y Kanstantsinau

Entrenador: Marco Octavia
1-0 Cintas (9')
2-0 Pablo (21')
2-1 Bryshtel (32')
Antonio Joaquim Pereira Almeida (POR)
Yeliz Topaloglu (TUR)
Vitaly Levchenko (RUS)
Denis Smolyanov (RUS)
Euro Beach Soccer League (Segunda jornada)
Moscú (Rusia)