MATCH REPORT | The Women's U17, Runner-up champion in the EURO after penalty shoot out

Borisov (Bielorrusia) 16 Mayo 2016
Antonio D. Muñoz
Luck was not on Spain's side, where Toña Is' team had to fight for it all from the penalty point. A dejà vu of sorts similar to that experienced the past season

In a final where different styles and vocations, the two best sides of the tournament went for it all at the Borisov Arena, a spectacular pitch, deign of a Champions League match, where the National Team played a few years back. This time, it was the Women's U17s turn. 

Spain kicked off in search of ball control, but Germany's pressure on the sidelines was too much for the Spanish central defenders, who had previously not undergone much pressure in previous matches. This is why the first half was resolved without clear chances on either side. Half way into the game, a mistake by the German keeper could have led to an own goal, but chance would not have it. 

Toña Is moved the players around, in search of beating the solid rival's defense; but after the initial forty minutes: Spain had not been comfortable on the pitch, partly because of its opponent's work, but also because of their response to the match. 
Given the vibe of the final could be settled by a minor detail, a technical play, an action. It was a final and everyone was aware that grabbing the gold would be a tough deed. 

The German side came out very decided in the second half and applied pressure on midfield. The match split and went nuts. Anything could happen, but the keeper made the right decidion and the posts were in the way until the 80' with a nil-all draw as a final result. 

Germany was more efficient in the penalty shoot out, winning 3-2 despite Spain displaying extraordinary football skills. The Spanish side returns home with their head held high. 

Photos: @Sporstfile /UEFA

Noelia Ramos, Ona Batlle, Berta Pujadas, Natalia Ramos, Laia Aleixandri, Lucía Rodríguez, Silvia Rubio (Monente), Paula Fernández, Candela Andújar, María Blanco, Lorena Navarro.

Head Coach:  Toña Is.
Doege, Linder, Siems, Kleinheme, Pawollek, Gwinn, Kogel (Ziegler), Minge, Muller, Wieder (Stolze), Buhl.

Head Coach: Anouschka Bernhard
Eleni Antoniou (GRE), Oleksandra Ardasheva (UKR), Emilie Aubry (SUI) booked Batllé
Women's U17 European Championship final in Belarus 2016 
Borisov Arena.
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