A mishap condemns Spain in extra time (1-2)

Kaunas (Lithuania) 29 Jul 2013
France doubles the initial score and ends the U19s adventure at the Euro in Lithuania

As the Marseillaise played by the military band of the Lithuanian Air Force and the night fell on Kaunas, but not Ingrid Bergman wore blue or gray were Germans in sight, much as, unusually for these latitudes, we remembered the time hot Casablanca environment.

The game was to pass in the finals next Thursday and fighting for him Luis de la Fuente band Bellerín recovered from suspension, Fede Vico returned to the ownership and choosing again to Iker Hernandez in attack, who had scored twice in his last game at the stadium Darius and Girenas against Lithuania.

France deployed its starting physical danger being left with Anthony Martial who tested Ruben Blanco at twelve minutes with a full shot from the edge force that met Galician mittens. In its reply, Spain had the Bellerín and Gayá interned by its sides with Iker Hernández band continually falling. In one of its admitted the penalty claimed by Basque grab Laporte, the referee did not consider offense.

But Israeli referee Grinfeeld yes Orel penalty saw at twenty minutes demolition of Antoine Conte Alvaro Vadillo almost on the line of the penalty area. Captain Jose Rodriguez took responsibility for the team forward. A fleeting joy for a few seconds after Corentia Jean saw the hole in the Spanish defense to put a ball striker Yassine Benzia Gallo, in possible offside satin made good beating by Ruben.

The scorers did exchange blows up the intensity Benzia party with the best of his team, urging the Spanish goal on a direct free kick and the team recovering the ball control with the French threatening on the counter until beep the break.

After the break you turned the tables and were the Under-19 who troubled the rival goal kicks. Borja Lopez was about to hit in separate corners, following the Spanish domination of the game that was becoming undeniable. Ecuador exceeded a move right back Bellerín served by an excellent ball to Alvaro Vadillo the Puerto Real sent to the bottom of Beunardeau.

The Gauls had no longer much danger in their counterattacks, yet they knew Hector Bellerín Benzia scrape the ball on a play committed to the defense of the national team. Paul Iniguez meanwhile he ran into the French defenders turned their attempt to seven minutes from time.
Smerecki had planted and their Maginot line with all his men on home soil, but an unexpected arrival of nearly Hunou avoid overtime, as Alvaro Vadillo turn, the effect chutazo left near the opponent's squad.

In overtime became gigantic figure of Ruben Blanco in the seventh minute of the match made the stop full of decision and reflections in a point-blank shot from Nangis. It was a fateful omen to be confirmed in added time to a minute for the conclusion of the first half after a corner without apparent difficulty deviniese in a series of punts Conte failed to Antoine advantage to send the ball into the net.

Were useless after Alvaro Vadillo attempts to pieces, or the pressure in the final minutes. In their first European defeat of Spain falls in the semifinals after demonstrating great things in the tournament with a generation of players called to occupy the hearts of fans. Not a goodbye, but a see you later for some players who will return in higher categories. Between them and the fans of the national team, the tournament in Lithuania may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Spain: Ruben Blanco, Jaime, Borja, Bellerín, Gaya, Paul Iniguez, Jose Rodriguez (Luke Torró 79 '), Fede Vico, Moi Gomez (Adama Traoré 72'), Álvaro Vadillo and Iker Hernández (Sandro 61 ').
Coach: Luis de la Fuente

France: Beunardeau, Conte, Laporte, Ikoko, Morerira, Azouni, Hunou (Gbamin 89 '), Rabiot, Martial (Nangis 93'), Jean (Rodrigues 62 ') and Benzia
Coach: Francis Smerecki

Goals: 1-0 (26 ') Penalty Jose Rodriguez.
          1-1 (28 ') for bat Benzia low Ruben Blanco after a pass from Jean.
          1-2 (104 ') Antoine Conte after several refuse in a corner.

Referee: Orel Grinfeeld (Israel) showed yellow card to Jose Rodriguez (69 '), Fede Vico (90'), Borja López (92 ') and Alvaro Vadillo (111') from Spain and French Nangis (107 ') .

Semifinal Under-19 Lithuania 2013
Stadium: Darius and Kaunas Girenas