Pedro, a symbol for goal, fight and delivery, turns 27

Ciudad del Fútbol 28 Jul 2014
The player from Tenerife, born in Arico (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) in 1987, has become a symbol for goals since 2010, the speed of the National Team

Pedro Eliezer Rodríguez Ledesma, also known as "Pedrito" has turned into a reference for Vicente del Bosque and for the Spanish National Team given his goal delivery. He has already played in two World Cups (South Africa and Brazil) and in a European Cup (Poland & Ukraine) and thus, knows what it means to be World and European Champion. With a sixth sense for goals that barely misses. 

Pedro made his debut with the National Team against Saudi Arabia on May 20th 2010 in a preparatory match for the World Cup and a little later on June 8th scored his first goals against Poland. 

'Pedrito' was superb in that World Cup, particularly against Germany, which led him to be part of the starting line up against the Netherlands. 

That's how the relationship strengthened between Del Bosque and the player: "Vicente is a great man, he speaks to the players a lot, gives you a little more freedom. From the first moment he had faith in me and I am very grateful for that. He asks me to be calm and comfortable on the pitch, for me to do as I would with my club: help my teammates, especially in defense, trying to go up the sidelines and then to carry out my game, to face, seek and score. 

After that historic win in Johannesburg and the following one at the European Cup there are two unforgettable dates for this player: the first October 12th 2012 when he scored three goals against Belarus in a World Cup qualifier in Minks. 

That game showed him and established him as a fully integrated team philosophy, based on humility and sense of collective man. "To my recollection, I had never gotten three goals in a game three goals is a story that I makes her happy, but nothing more. important thing is always the team to win and that's what we got. feeling well and I am confident Vicente del Bosque. clearly we are many players and all an impressive level of best in the world. Centre to be here and I feel real privileged. "

And the second golden date is March 27 in Paris and to France, where his goal Spain placed first group and on track to qualify for the World Cup. Until the beginning of the event in Brazil 2014, accumulated 22.6% of the goals of the national team.

Pedro: "Willingness in what I like is easy. I saw my parents work hard to give us everything. So working in this is luck." 

Everyone speaks about his goals, but without a doubt one of the characteristics which attracted Del Bosque was his ability to work and commit. 

In an interview with the newspaper La Razón, he confessed where that commitment came from: "It comes from far back; my parents taught me that I had to work harder than the rest and that I had to make the most of chances. Later on, with Guardiola, I also learnt what sacrifice meant for him and that he demanded a great deal for me and he knew what I was capable of. I try to sacrifice myself and help my teammates and I'm proud of that. I prefer people saying I'm a fighter on the pitch, rather than them talking about quality or lack of defensive work." 

The effort he makes is evident in the training sessions, like the one that SeFutbol got: 

Happy Birthday Pedro!