Robert Moreno: "We'll have Luis Enrique close to us throughout the training camp"

Ciudad del Fútbol 17 Mayo 2019

Message from Luis: "On behalf of Luis Enrique I wish to thank everyone for the respect shown to him in his current situation. We would also like to thank the Federation. We are trying to carry on working in the same way. Furthermore, we would like to thank the U17 side for reaching the EURO semifinals and qualifying for the World Cup." 

Cazorla: "He's been called-up because of his performance. He's surprised us since the beginning of the season. His case in particular is great because he is an example for children, because he's gone through difficulties and come out on top. We hope destiny is kind with him and allows him to enjoy more matches." 

Fixed line-up: "No one is a fixed call-up in the National Team. Everyone's current moment states whether they are in the National Team or not. There is healthy competition. We know Iago's case, he's a different type of player. Luckily, he came back at the end of the season and RC Celta are virtually saved. He is a scoring striker and we like that a lot. Isco has gone through different phases. He's playing quite a lot with Zidane and are please he can bring quality and his football to the team." 

Block: "It would be ideal to have a block. The fact that there are many changes is that there is a lot of competition. We have to pick and that is good for the National Team. We are constantly observing ninety playeres. The National Team gets together roughly five times a year with players from clubs. It is important to build a team when you have a month to work. It is good for players to earn minutes, but I do not believe it is key." 

Working with Luis Enrique: "We follow the same system as always. We all have a list of players to follow. We build reports and watch matches. Then, we all get together. All of this I am sharing are Luis' decisions. We are going to use technology to help us." 

Special training camp:  "Given there is no specific end of the season, we will get in touch with the players individually to give them a special play for them to get here in top form by June 3rd." 

Robert Moreno's role: "It will be an easy role because of the work dynamic. We all take part in the decisions. I've been with Luis Enrique for nine years and now I have to assume this responsibility. I will try to enjoy it, although, I hope it does not last long. We have a clear way of working. I hope he will be with us soon and calm and confidently. Whatever we do is what Luis would do. We have to be focussed on responsibilities."

Sweden match: "We are going to face a thousand different scenarios, but will have Luis nearby always." 

Sergio Ramos: "Before making any decisions we discuss the players and then decide. Sergio is a professional. He is an elite player. He's in the best position."