Three Spanish squad players, candidates to MVP and Golden Glove of the World Cup

Amman (Jordania) 18 Oct 2016
Patricia Perez
Laia Aleeixandri, Candela Andújar and Noelia Ramos aspire to winning the bronze medal against Venezuela

Among the 13 nominees are three Spaniards: Laia Aleixandri, Candela Andújar and Noelia Ramos. 

Laia Aleixandri scored from over 20 metres against New Zeland and left everone gobsmacked, just like Candela Andújar who gives here all in every game. We must not forget Noelia Ramos, who made some quality saves, particularly against Germany. 

The awards will be unveiled on Friday 21st October, when Toña Is' squad will battler for the bronze against Venezuela (17:00 CET). 


Balón de Oro adidas
Laia Aleixandri (ESP)
Candela Andújar (ESP)
Deyna Castellanos (VEN)
Hinata Miyazawa (JPN)
Fuka Nagano (JPN)
Ri Hae Yon (PRK)
Ri Kum Hyang (PRK)
Sung Hyang Sim (PRK)
Hana Takahashi (JPN)
Riko Ueki (JPN)

Guante de Oro adidas
Ok Kum Ju (PRK)
Noelia Ramos (ESP)
Momoko Tanaka (JPN)