Xavi Hernández: "My time with the National Team has come to an end"

Ciudad del Fútbol 05 Ago 2014
Xavi Hernández has announced today at noon during a press conference that he quits the Spanish National Football Team

"I leave the National Team. I am happy, I wish them the best", was his statement in the press conference which took place in FC Barcelona's facilities. 

Xavi, age 34, has mentioned that he has taken "the decision of leaving the National side; I think my time there has come to an end," he said in a press conference and has expressed praise towards the President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Ángel María Villar, and to all the National Team Manager he's had throughout his career. 

"It's been a great period for me"

"It's been a marvelous period, great one for me. And it has been an honour to have managed so many triumphs these years. I leave happy and proud, happy also because of Vicente del Bosque's continuity. Yet I think that my time has come to an end, I wish you the best and now I will be yet another fan," he concluded.  

In a recent interview with Sofoot.com he mentioned that Vicente del Bosque was who convinced him not to leave the National Team after the European Cup of 2012: "He told me, if you say so its that you're becoming depressed." He insisted on him playing in Brazil: "You're important here" "Physically I am in better shape than the last two seasons."